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"In the classrooms and labs is where discovery begins".

A Eldridge

Your training will immerse you into new challenges designed to broaden your horizon with new possibilities.  Each phase of training is a dynamic part of the overall program that will enhance the outcome of your training and leave you with satisfaction of the tasks you have achieved.
Team building empowers each candidate to excel in their own interest while creating personal skills necessary for mission success.
The programs will encompass specific skills for space travel which will easily translate to the tasks we perform on Earth.  Your knowledge will inspire new ideas and capabilities for future opportunities
Programs are designed for elementary, middle, and high school levels with additional programs for college and graduate level students.  
The training you receive is founded in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics and include the following:

Training Programs


Physiology Training

Survival Training

Flight Fundamentals

Celestial Navigation

Drone Training

Robotics Training

Space Capsule Training

Launch and Re-Entry Training

Mars Base Training


Mars Rover Training

Space Suit Training


Team - Organization


Solar Energy Production


Radiation Training


Greenhouse Farming

Graduation Ceremony

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