Space Discovery in conjunction leading universities and

K - 12 schools from around the world, have developed a

unique education program designed to provide exciting

opportunities for students, researchers and the public.​

We offer exciting programs that foster greater edcuational

achievement through practical experience.  Our labs are

designed to let you take control of your destiny.

Students of all ages can participate in various ways. 

We offer "Student in the Loop" training for the following

programs that begin with one-day events but may be

incorporated into programs lasting one week or more.


Our Labs consist of realistic flight hardware designed by

NASA, SpaceX and Commercial Space Companies.


Programs include; Space Capsule training, Space Station

Training, Mars and Lunar missions and Mission Control

operations.  Each training Lab includes hands-on tasks to

mimic the hardware and software controls from launch to

space including weightless simulated trianing. 


Early enrollment is encouraged to assure participation

on your schedule.


Welcome aboard!


You are never too old to attend this exciting program.

We have adult camps, family camps and corporate team

building programs designed to meet your objectives.

Participants can take command of their own spacecraft to

fly simulated missions using simulators for robots and

drones on land, air and sea.

Programs begin at $99.00 for single day programs.

Adult programs are perfect for anyone that would like to 

experience the excitement of space mission training.

Programs are available from one to five days and may be bundled to include family members and children ages 6 and older. 


This program is an exciting experience for you and your child or children!

Parents will receive a 10% discount when attending with children. 

Together you'll create your own family mission patch and take control of a space mission that will live forever in your most special memories.